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Are you aware that Sex Addicts Anonymous® (SAA) provides free and confidential services for your clients who struggle with compulsive or addictive sexual behavior?
You might not realize there is a local fellowship of recovered sex addicts nearby wanting to be helpful.  If you’d like to set up a time to talk in person with some of the members from the local area we’d love the opportunity to talk with you .  Professionals who recommend us to their clients have expressed gratitude for the opportunity to get to know the local SAA recovery Fellowship.

Free Resources for You and Your Clients:

  • Group Support: Meetings are the heart of our fellowship and where suffering addicts receive assistance and support.  SAA offers weekly in-person meetings all over North America and internationally in 32 countries.  In addition, weekly telephone and web-based meetings are offered seven days a week. (1700 total meetings) In addition, a men’s and women’s support list are available. In Central Florida  area there are over 25 weekly meetings.
  • Individual Recovery: SAA sponsors (like mentor/guide) are available and strongly encouraged for all SAA members. Sponsors around the country are available to help over the phone if there are no local sponsors.
  • Program of Action: While the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of SAA provide a suggested program, individual members with the guidance of a sponsor will apply it in a way that allows for individual needs and beliefs.  There is no official definition of sexual sobriety, rather each individual with the help from their sponsor defines for herself/himself what is healthy vs. addictive sexual behavior.
  • Service Opportunity- Carrying our message of hope to another sex addict is our primary purpose. Our past has become our biggest asset. We can help at times when no one else can. We are a 24/7 opportunity to offer hope to the men and women that are still suffering.
  • Accountable Fellowship – Environment of honesty, support, accountability, friendship, gratitude and acceptance.  Socializing outside of meetings with other fellowship members is encouraged.  A group is nearby waiting to welcome new members.
  • Telephone Support:  SAA members are encouraged to use the telephone as an additional recovery tool.  Most groups provide a method of obtaining the names and telephone numbers of members.
  • International Office Support: Our international office in Houston, TX is open M-F.  Office staff provide meeting information, operate the SAA bookstore, and assist with general outreach, prison outreach, and general information about the fellowship.
  • SAA Literature in English & Spanish:  SAA provides a wide range of literature to support recovery.  Literature is provided free-of-charge for individuals without the ability to pay.  In addition, all English SAA literature can be read for free on our international website
  • SAA Website:  Our international website, provides a wealth of information about sexual addiction recovery.
  • Workshops, Retreats, Conventions:  Workshops and retreats are provided by SAA meetings in various cities throughout the year.  The SAA International Convention is held in a different city each year at the end of May. The Central Florida area groups host events like this each Fall and Spring.

 Find SAA in Central Florida (Hotline for Therapist/Clergy/Probation/Health Professionals)

Simply email [email protected] or call the helpline most times of the day a live local member will answer the call. This person can talk to you or your client in the moment. They will share some experience and knowledge about sex addiction and provide hope that recovery is not only possible but probable.  Further, they will provide information about where that person can get connected with a potential group nearest to them.

How to Refer a Client to SAA Nationally

Simply telephone (or have your client telephone) our international office at 800-477-8191.  Our staff will help you find the nearest meeting and answer questions about the program.  All of our meetings are also listed on our website:  Inquiries can also be e-mailed to: [email protected].

SAA 12 Step & Therapy

While SAA is not therapy or counseling, has no opinion on therapy/treatment and is not allied with any outside organization or cause, experience shows that many of our members actually find out about SAA from her/his therapist or counselor and vice versa.  These members choose to seek treatment or counseling along with their participation in the SAA program and fellowship.  They see SAA and therapy as different but complementary tools for their recovery.

About SAA

SAA was founded in 1977 in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a recovery program based on the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions developed by Alcoholics Anonymous®.  SAA adapted the original Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions to focus on and help people recover from sexual addiction.  SAA is a non-profit volunteer-run fellowship with the exception of staff employed at our international office who provide support services for SAA meetings.   The SAA program of recovery has helped thousands of individuals achieve long term sobriety from addictive and compulsive sexual behaviors.

Currently there are about 1700 SAA meetings in 32 countries around the world.  These member groups are served by The International Service Organization of SAA, Inc. with offices in Houston, Texas. Contact information is listed below.

Requirements for Membership / No Cost

The only requirement for someone to participate in SAA is a desire to stop addictive sexual behaviors.  SAA welcomes men, women, and newcomers of any sexual orientation or identity, whether they are gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual or transgender.  The sober members of the group will help the newcomer determine for themselves if they belong in this fellowship. Those with sex offenses are welcome at our meetings if they have a desire to stop addictive sexual behaviors.

There are no dues or fees; our fellowship is supported by voluntary donations from members.

Safety:  Anonymity & Acceptance

We practice strict anonymity and confidentiality.  Meetings provide a supportive environment where individuals can feel safe.  There is no registration and we do not keep any records. Several local meetings are “Open” meetings so anyone wishing to learn more about our program of action are welcome to visit.

Need Additional Literature or Information?

Please contact our international office in Houston.  One of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

Phone: 800-477-8191; M-F 10am to 6pm Central Time Zone

E-mail: [email protected]

In Central Florida call the Helpline Men’s 407-906-7220 or Women’s Helpline 407-906-7221

E-mail: [email protected]